October 2, 2022


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CRM 101: Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses

CRM 101: Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses


What is CRM and why do you need it?

CRM is a shopper database to assistance you maintain keep track of of consumer interactions with your enterprise so you can serve them far better. CRM stands for “customer connection management” CRM allows you observe up with potential buyers.

The lack of adhere to up is a person of the most important causes why you’re not converting a lot more “potential” clients to “active” customers.

We, compact business enterprise owners, know we want to stick to up. We know we require to keep track of our customers. Nonetheless, lots of of us do it by writing it down on a sticky observe, by employing Excel, or some other process.

These techniques are NOT great enough.

If you do not have a database of your clients, a single that permits you to know what they acquired and know what potential prospects are Considering TO Invest in, how can you observe up? How can you remind them to function with you?

Adhere to Up is Anything

There are “future customers” who want to function with you. They’ve heard about it and know about your solutions.

Probably they’ve even given you their organization card.

It is YOUR Position to abide by up with them, and CRM can help you do this, and remind them that you have the alternative to their dilemma

[See Ramon’s Facebook video on this]

You are not the precedence in your customer’s minds except you sell “fire combating services” and there is a dwelling on fire!

You are not the priority in your customer’s minds except if you provide “fire preventing services” and there’s a house on fire!

Why Program is So Essential

Guide is “ok” if you only have 1 or 2 consumers. Nevertheless, as your consumer foundation grows and your probable shopper foundation grows you can’t don’t forget almost everything.

You need to have to recall to Observe UP with your current prospects and nudge them to obtain far more from you.

You need to have to Adhere to UP with opportunity clients (prospects) and remind them that you have the solution for them.

Software can help you with all of these factors and a lot more.

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E mail marketing vs CRM vs Marketing Automation

Electronic mail advertising application, from vendors like Frequent Call, Mail Chimp and other people is fantastic.

This permits you to send an electronic mail to an e-mail record.

CRM, from vendors such as Mailchimp, Keap, vCita, Thryv, Salesforce and several other individuals permits you to maintain keep track of of your buyers.

At the easiest degree, you can store names, addresses and other details about your customers, and ideally, observe what they’ve acquired and other details.

Promoting automation, also from suppliers these kinds of as Mailchimp, Keap, vCita, Thryv, Salesforce Active Campaign, Aweber and some others goes a step even more than just electronic mail advertising and CRM.

Marketing automation allows you to have steps that are quickly brought on based mostly on other steps.

For instance, IF another person clicks a hyperlink within of an e-mail publication, wait around 10 days and then question them if they’d like to go to a adhere to-up webinar.

If they’ve attended the webinar then send out an additional e-mail inviting them to schedule a call with you.

This is the Ability of marketing automation.

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